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The Memoirs of Cissie Ewen

26 January 1912 - 12 August 2007

Cissie Ewen  in 1920

Written by Mrs Elizabeth Ewen (nėe Cave), at the request of her family, so that details of her life and times would be recorded. Cissie Ewen lived in Chirton until she emigrated to New Zealand in 1947. For much of that time, Chirton consisted of seven streets and was surrounded by market gardens. Cissie paints a fascinating account of life through the two World Wars, the Depression and being in service.

Life in Chirton
Cissie's father dies
Starting school
Daily Life
The Depression
Leisure time
The market garden
Life in service
Tynemouth Infirmary
Getting married
The baby
Life in Jesmond
War years
After the war
Tyne Lives

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